Our Insurance Policy Is Your Gain

If you're a stall holder or an organiser, Traders Voice offers coverage designed especiallly for you.

Together with QBE Australia, renowned globally as a leader in the insurance market, we’ve developed a unique product with multiple benefits that meet the special needs of stall holders and organisers. You’ll be pressed to match these benefits with any other policy on offer.

There’s no limit on:

  • Area
  • Number of days
  • Markets held
  • Venues used


  • All applicants are automatically accepted
  • You get $20,000,000 minimum indemnity – venues are increasingly calling for the higher indemnity
  • We offer $100,000 protection for property in your care, custody or control
  • Our unnamed principals extension automatically gives you the formal comfort you’re often asked to provide.

To find out more, simply, download the policy or contact us for a copy of the policy.

Our Policy At A Glance

1. Cover

Under our public liability policy, cover is provided for legal liability to pay all sums through compensation and all costs awarded against you for personal injury and property damage, occurring during the period of insurance and caused by an incident within the territorial limits in connection with your business as described, all in accordance with the terms and conditions of the policy.

2. Indemnity

(a) Public Liability The maximum liability in respect of any one claim, or a series of claims, for personal injury or property damage caused by or arising out of one event is $20,000,000.
(b) Product Liability The total aggregate liability during any one period of insurance for all claims arising out of your products will not exceed $20,000,000.

3. Deductible

You must pay the first $500 (sometimes more) of any one claim – but always seek our advice beforehand.

4. Exclusions

There is a list of common risks that most insurance policies won’t cover. While these are clearly stated in the policy document, most have limited exposure to your everyday activities.

More relevant exclusions are:

  • Employment liability for personal injury. Your public liability policy won’t cover this. You must maintain appropriate workers compensation or similar statutory insurance where you engage permanent or casual employees.
  • Property in custody or control. A limit of $100,000 will apply where you are found to be legally liable for damage to property in your physical or legal control. This limit will not apply to premises leased to or rented by you.
  • Vehicles. Any vehicle that does not belong to you but is in your physical or legal control where damage occurs in a car park owned or operated by you, unless you own the car park for reward.
  • Employees property. No liability will be covered.

Product exclusions you should know about:

  • Product defect. Property damage to your products if the damage is attributable to any defect in the products or to their harmful nature or unsuitability.
  • Product recall. Claims resulting from any loss or expense incurred by you for products withdrawn from the market, or from use, because of any known or suspected defect, deficiency or dangerous condition.
  • Aircraft, watercraft and hovercrafts products/parts. Cover does not apply.

Your best action is to read the policy document and contact us if you need any assistance.

Important Note: We're happy to have your contract reviewed with your insurer before you sign it, or help to resolve any issues with it, safeguarding you against addtional liability for which this policy may not respond.

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