Frequently Asked Questions

To help you find the information you’re looking for on insurance, trading issues, business matters and more, see the questions below.

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1. What does the Traders Voice public liability policy cover?

The Traders Voice Public Liability policy protects you from legal and medical costs that arise from personal injury and/or property damage to third parties occurring within Australia in connection with your business as a market stallholder or organiser.

2. Does my business need product liability insurance?

If you’re a stall holder in most cases, yes, but it’s not required as frequently by organisers. Your legal liability for personal injury and property damage as described and caused by any goods, products and property (after they have ceased to be in your possession or under your control), which are deemed to have been manufactured, grown, extracted, produced, processed, constructed, assembled, erected, installed, repaired, serviced, treated, sold supplied or distributed by you including any container thereof. Generally this does not apply to organisers unless they too are a stall holder as well.

3. Does your public liability policy include coverage for product liability?

No. Product liability cover is not automatic. Requests by stall holders must be accompanied by a product liability Application on the Stall Holders Application [embolden link] page.
Product liability cover is not usually required for organisers, unless they also distribute products and services. If this is the case, you can request product liability cover by emailing us at We’ll let you know as quickly as possible whether you can apply for it and the additional fee involved.

4. My organiser requests their name is included under my policy. Is this necessary?

No. The Traders Voice liability insurance policy automatically includes your organiser or principal through our Unnamed Principals Extension. This is highlighted on your certificate of insurance. To our organiser members, this is an important point – and a big time saver for your business.

5 .If I cancel my insurance cover do I receive a refund?

No. The membership fee automatically includes insurance under the terms of the arrangement Traders Voice has in place. The membership fee for Organisers has a component applicable to Stall Holder activities if applicable and this component is non refundable under the terms of the arrangement Traders Voice has in place. 

6. Am I limited to a fixed number of trading days?

No. There is no limitation on the number of days you trade. 

7. Why do I need to give you a copy of my contract?

There is no obligation to forward any contract. We simply offer this highly valued service to our members. Some conditions proposed are outrageous with public liability insurers unable or unwilling to accommodate. The Traders Voice public liability insurance policy is, to our knowledge, up there with the best the industry offers. We will attempt to resolve contentious issues or, at best, bring to your notice uninsured liabilities.

8. You offer free accounting support inclusive of the annual membership fee. Is this correct?

Yes. This support is included in your membership fee. But, you should still use an accountant for professional independent advice. It seems many members take their financial papers to a desktop-type facility. We are offering members access to a qualified staff member for those matters arising out of GST or simple income tax returns. Most issues can be addressed on the spot.
If you are an organiser, and your needs are somewhat complex, we can put you in touch with a boutique firm of accountants who understand your part in our industry, and can provide fuss-free, efficient and cost-effective service.

9. Why do I need payroll information? My casuals are just that – casuals! 

It never hurts to be aware of payroll issues. It will certainly help you in the event of an investigation for payroll or any matter that arises of a statutory nature. And, you’ll be all the wiser for knowing the minimum payment to an employee. And don’t forget your liability as an employer under workers’ compensation. This is compulsory, no matter if you employ casuals or permanent staff.

10. Your questions seem more directed to stall holders. Is that correct?

No. We agree it might seem that way. The fact is both sections of the industry face common issues. Stall holders and organisers need to work hand-in-hand for both to benefit, and grow their businesses.


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